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Video of Golden Retriever Carrying Little Girl's Backpack Is Simply Irresistible

The relationships that develop between dogs and their human siblings can be so beautiful. Oftentimes, pups become not only loyal protectors to kids, but their best friends as well! One Golden Retriever has clearly gone above and beyond in the friend department. Every single day, the dog goes out to greet the school bus when his sister gets home.

The video of the pup going to meet the bus is picking up steam on TikTok, and it's what he does after the little girl gets off the bus that is melting people's hearts. Watch what happens after she hands him her backpack.

Is this the sweetest thing you've ever seen, or what? What a loving, loyal pup! TikTok users are quickly falling in love with this video. @Nate Esquibel said, "Her own little butler 😅." And @cario added, "That's a real Gentleman 😎." Another commenter, @emily holland had a great suggestion: "Ok, but you’ll have to remake this when she’s in middle school and high school 😭." 

People also loved how the dog made sure he had a good handle on the backpack. @Arri noted, "The way he adjusted his grip 🥺." Aww, yes, he did! He knows he's carrying her precious cargo and wanted it to make it to the house safely!

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Kids are always excited to get home from school, but can you even imagine just how much this little girl looks forward to her daily greeting from her very best friend? What wonderful memories she'll have as she grows up!

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