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Video of Dog Trying to Retrieve a Ball From the Water Gives Off 'Castaway' Vibes

The love between a dog and their toy reminds us a lot of our own love for toys when we were little. Maybe that's why this pup's struggle to retrieve his beloved tennis ball hit us right in the feels! It's true, we were more emotionally invested than we'd like to admit as we watched Stewart the Golden Retriever frantically search for his toy in the river.

As if the scene wasn't dramatic enough, Stewart and his mom re-posted the clip on their account, @retrieving_stewart, with some appropriate Castaway audio. We're not sure if it's more funny or sad! 

Aww--Stewart! We honestly feel just as panicked as he looks as he searches for his ball. River currents can move so fast! Commenter @jimminycricket42 also admitted, "I actually felt kinda sad for a minute there." You're not the only one!

"This made me cry harder than Old Yeller," agreed @rainey_day. "An absolute masterpiece, in which a dog loses the best ball he's ever known." The music just adds to the cinematic effect! No wonder a commenter on the original video suggested this music. In @anatolianmom1977's words: "Ok this could be the best suggestion of a sound EVER on TikTok." Glad we're in agreement! 

By far, most of this video's comments were expressing sadness for Stewart's lost tennis ball, but we're here to assure you that everything turned out A-OK. Just check out the original video!

We're oh-so-glad you have your ball back, Stewart! You deserve it-- especially after all that effort! 

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