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Dog's Subtle Reaction to Her Humans Opening a Bag of Chips Is Just Too Much

During the 1890's, Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov conducted an experiment where when dogs were being fed accompanied by the sound of a bell and upon hearing this bell, they would begin salivating. 

This is known as the 'pavlovian response' and it's basically what every dog owner experiences when they sit down in front of the TV and try to relax with a snack. Watch this video to see the hilarious pavlovian response in action. 

HaHa! @Daisythegoldiee is not having it with her owners opening a bag of chips within earshot. Gotta love her side-eye. It's like she's thinking "Um, hello, I am judging you for not inviting me to get in on this snack action." 

The people in the comments are almost as funny as Daisy's judge-y gaze, with @Broka posting "Man eat chips in your car in peace." @LisaPierce adds "They miss nothing no matter how subtle, my dog can be sun bathing on the patio and I open a snack and she's next to before I can blink." @Barbara adds "The golden side eye. It’s comical they all have it." 

Daisy is such a beautiful girl and I'm sure her parents indulge her on occasion, because who could resist that face? Plus, it's not like she doesn't notice exactly what they are doing! No one can escape her hilarious side-eye! 

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