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Couple's Sweet Reunion With Golden Retriever After Traveling Europe for 11 Months Is Everything

There's no one who misses you quite like your pets do. Especially when you go away for a long period of time. They're so sad! Thankfully the reunion between owners and their pets can be truly heartwarming, just like it was for one person on TikTok.

TikTok creator Jessica Faye (@jessicafaye508) definitely had a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Europe recently. But sadly she couldn't bring her pets Penny and. Tig along for the ride. 

"Reuniting with my Golden Retriever after 11 whole months,"  the video's text overlay reads. "Oh my God. I missed you so much. I'm crying I know," the mom can be heard saying in the footage. 

"WHOLESOME CONTENT AHEAD," she joked in the caption. "After nomading around Europe for 11 months, this was absolutely our most anticipated reunion. Penny (and Tig) were so happy to have us home."

The comments section was in absolute tears over this sweet welcome home. "Penny content is my favorite content," @sbeth4 wrote. "The best reunion ever!! I totally cried," @nicolejane1317 agreed. "This is going to be me tomorrow I can’t wait I miss my girl so much," @lakeladeangelis shared. 

We know these pets are just so happy to have mama back.

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