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Golden Retriever's Reaction to Seeing His Parents on Their Wedding Day Is the Best

You always want the people you love there for you on your wedding day. And if they're really close to you, you'll want them to be a part of your big day too. No wonder one couple made sure that their Golden Retriever walked down the aisle at their ceremony. Now their wedding videographer is sharing footage of the happy moment on their TikTok page to encourage others to do the same. 

Videographer Katie Johnson ( always finds the best moments that show off her clients' wedding days, but this one really took the (wedding) cake. The video shows the couple standing at the end of the aisle. Both bride and groom light up when they see that their dog is at the opposite end. Then the dog is released and comes barreling towards his mom and dad. Success! 

"10/10 recommend having your dog walk down the aisle at your wedding," the video's text overlay reads. "The smiles on everyone’s faces," the video's caption states.  

Over 4.6 million people watched the adorable footage. "I'm going to need to borrow a dog for my wedding lol. This is so cute!!!" @hope.cxc wrote in the comments section. "See, I want this but my German Shepard would sprint full speed and knock us into the water," @kays4489 joked. "If my dog wasn’t such a hyper pup and wouldn’t try to kiss everyone and run around everywhere this would be cute to do with him," @emmaaschmerr lamented. 

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And another commenter had a very good reason for keeping her pups away from her wedding day. "I have four puppies and they’d all happy tinkle on us," @kbabyxo1026 commented. 

Thankfully, this dog kept things dry. 

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