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Golden Retriever's Love for His Neighbor's Cows Is So Beautiful

We all know how dogs love their family unconditionally, but did you know that love can extend to other animal friends? It's true--a pup can find a BFF almost anywhere they look, and Boris the Golden Retriever is no exception. His human showcased his affinity for the neighbor's cows on their TikTok account, @lily_boris_darcy, and his fans are in love. 

This little gentleman couldn't have been sweeter as he said hello to his bovine friends. We have a feeling you'll be obsessed with him, too!

What a good boy! Boris is such a sweetheart to these big babies, and it seems like they love him right back. Let's be honest, though--who wouldn't adore him? One peek at the comment section shows just how many fans he truly has.

"Not me crying about a dog and cows being besties," wrote @ariane.guenette. You aren't the only one! @Discogiangi, who wrote the top-liked comment on this video, asked, "WHY AM I CRYING?" Because this sweetness is too much to contain! Inter-species besties are simply the best.

"Oh my goodness I cannot cope," agreed viewer @emdesignsco. We don't blame you! Boris in his little hat is topping the cuteness charts to begin with, but when he and the cows start giving each other kisses? It's precious! 

@Jessicasterling14 wrote, "I wasn’t expecting the cows to kiss him back." We were just as surprised as you were! The 'giant puppies' seem to love Boris's visits just as much as he does. No wonder his paw-rents had to get the friendship on film!

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