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Golden Retriever Does the 'Crawl of Shame' After Misbehaving and We Are Cracking Up

Everyone has a unique reaction to being caught misbehaving. Some of us will deny any wrongdoing and others will make excuses for themselves, but one dog has a very unique reaction to being caught doing something naughty in this viral video.

TikTok user @maui_thegoldenpup recently shared a video of her Golden Retriever, Maui, doing what she call the 'crawl of shame' after Mom returned home. Check out the video to see what the 'crawl of shame' is and why Maui was behaving so suspiciously!

OMG, this dog is too funny! The way he crawls across the floor hoping to not be seen is hilarious. After Maui tore up the garbage, we can understand why he might want to fly under the radar for the time being.

People in the comments thought it was hilarious how Maui's attempt to look innocent backfired so terribly. @ay101581 said, "The squint and the crawl...very specific clues," and @kelseydammit commented, "I don’t get why they do stuff like that and then act like that." This pup is still working on his poker face!

Others thought Maui was innocent of any wrong doing. @millennial32 commented, "Nah, I think you probably did that. Maui is innocent," and @pamelajay0 said, "I am representing Maui, he is innocent. You have no proof." These are very compelling arguments for Maui's innocence!

We think Maui should reconsider what his innocent face looks like, because the squint and crawl are not doing him any favors! Although, this reaction is so funny that maybe he is attempting to make his mom forget about his bad behavior all together. Either way, we can't get enough!

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