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Video of Golden Retriever Puppy Cuddling a Kitten Is the Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

It's not up for debate--baby animals are pure perfection. A newborn puppy could do nothing but exist and it would take our breath away. As it turns out, that's exactly what happened when we saw @borisxgregg's newly viral video.

Nearly half a million viewers have already fallen under the spell of the adorable duo who star in this TikTok, and we totally see why. Gregg the gray cat and Boris the Golden Retriever are truly two peas in a pod. In this particular clip, though, these besties are also babies, which only adds to the sweetness. Ready to see what heaven looks like? This is it! 

BRB, we're going to watch this on repeat for the next few hours. The zen-like peace between these two is just intoxicating! 

It's no surprise that TikTok is just melting over them, though. How could anyone not fall head-over-heels? A kitten, a puppy, and the sweetest, cuddliest, naps? It's the perfect equation! Commenter @queenpruthless can't help but agree.

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"This exactly what I needed to see 🥰," she wrote. Same! This could brighten anyone's day if we're being honest--just look at how many TikTok users commented a simple "aww" or emoji combination to show their love. 

Though the majority of replies were praising the duo for their cuteness, @trxdrew was a true hero, asking the questions we didn't know we had. When he commented wondering how old each of the babies were, @borisxgregg responded, "In this video, they are: 🐱- 4months old 🐶- 3months old." 

Size can be deceiving--who knew Gregg is the older brother? He's only the elder by a month, though, so these two will get to grow up side-by-side. In fact, the growing has already begun! We don't know exactly how old they each are now, but a quick look at their TikTok account will show that these brothers are much, much bigger now! We don't blame their owner for re-sharing the video, though--it's just so sweet! 

We can't help but cross our fingers for a clip of these two cuddling fully grown. Can you imagine how sweet that comparison would be?!

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