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Mom Walks in On the Cutest Cuddle Sesh Between Her Two Goldens and We Can't Get Enough

When your dogs love each other, it shows. They do everything together, and cry when they're apart. So one pet owner's heart must've been swelling when she walked into the room and saw her two Golden Retriever's napping together. And now we're just as obsessed with pups Riley and Mac.

Riley and his puppy son Mac are so in love with each other. The two are always rough housing and love to spend the day out on their owner's boat. But their number one favorite activity to do together is napping, as the video on @lifeofagoldenboy shows. "Just walked in on our boys' first cuddle," the video's text overlay reads. Okay, now this is seriously cute. 

"Are we kidding," their owner wrote in the caption before adding three crying emojis. 

The video has since been watched over 9 million times. People in the comments section were obsessed with Mac and Riley's relationship. "Oh my goodness their perfect little faces," @trixienuggets wrote. "The little one with the smile... my heart," @solongusa added. "Please tell me they play fight other times and the puppy is a pain. I need this to happen," @okly_doakly begged. "Oh my gosh his lil smile while sleeping, soooo much happiness!!" @bigbrorussell chimed in. 

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After such an overwhelming positive response, the dog owner shared a second video of the dogs having a snuggle. "Just trying to look like a dad," the video's text overlay reads. 

"I mean I think we’re twins," the video's caption reads. 

Yep, and best buddies too.

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