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Video of Golden Retriever Clamoring for a Cupcake Is Too Funny for Words

We all get a little antsy when sweets are around. And this has never been more true than for one Golden Retriever on TikTok, who won the internet with a video of him practically salivating over the cupcake his owner was holding. 

The Golden and his hilarious personality is often showcased on his page @agoldennamedkevin, but nothing takes the cake... or cupcake as it were, of a recent video featuring Kevin and the treat. The video shows Kevin's owner holding up a tiny vanilla cupcake over his head. Kevin is understandably transfixed by the sweet and his reaction is super hilarious. "Kevin sure does love cupcakes," his owner wrote in the video's caption.

Nearly 800,000 people have watched Kevin quivering for a cupcake and the comments section couldn't help but tease him just a bit. "Don’t worry Kevin I do the same thing when I see a cupcake," @maambi77 joked. "Omg the chittering is too cute," @dacoconut123456 added. "My friend has a golden that does the same thing. She calls it quiver lips," @paulineermertroge wrote. While another commenter made a very good point: "Shouldn’t they be called pupcakes?" @tyllermason asked. 

Kevin was just so excited that he couldn't wait to start chowing down, but thankfully for us his owners caught it and put it online. Leading to some true internet gold. 

In another video, Kevin is caught begging for another favorite treat — popcorn. And again, the results are hilarious. "He lubs popcorn," his owner wrote in the caption.

We don't know about you guys, but we'd love eat snacks with Kevin any day. And don't worry, we'll bring the cupcakes.