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Golden Retriever's Sweet Reaction to Dad Coming Home From Golf Is Just Precious

There is no one happier to see you when you come home than your dog. Each and every time you walk through the door, they're there with a smile on their face. We know that one man must be feeling the love from his Golden Retriever, who was so freakin' happy when her papa came home recently. 

Gracie is so attached to her owner. Whenever she sees him she lights up. That includes greeting him at the door when he comes home, an example of which has gone viral online. "When dad leaves you to golf for five hours and finally comes home," the video from Gracie's owner Francesca (@graciethegolden22) states. Gracie is just so happy. And it's probably all the sweeter that she found a giant stick to show her papa. 

"Dad isn't allowed to leave in her eyes," the video's caption reads. 

Over 800,000 people have tuned in to watch Gracie greet her owner. "Omg I hope someday someone is as excited as that to see me," @kl0ucks joked in the comments section. "Don't you leave that girl ever again," @jillbenvenga warned. "Dad where you been man? Check out this stick I scored!" @ifyourpettalked teased, as if reading Gracie's mind. "Dad needs to give Gracie a spa day and treats for leaving!" @ermjaye advised.

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The truth is that Gracie is just one happy pupper. As can be seen in another video on her page, Gracie never seems to frown. "POV: You're a Golden Retriever living your best life," the text overlay reads.

"She's living her best life always," the caption states.

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