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Golden Retriever Delivers Cocktail Mixers to Neighbor in the Middle of a Snowstorm

A recent TikTok video shared by @georgia_the_goodgirl has gone viral, all thanks to a super smart Golden Retriever named Georgia who delivered a can of juice to her neighbor, who was in need of a mixed drink in the middle of a snowstorm but didn't have any mixers. With 2.8 million views, people can't get enough of this incredible pup and her cute little delivery "pouch." 

The caption on the video couldn't be more perfect: "Not all heroes wear capes." Get a load of this good girl popping next door to help out her neighbor so that she can enjoy a cocktail while riding out the storm.

Is this the most perfect example of being a good neighbor, or what?! You gotta love how happy this woman was when Georgia showed up on her porch. And then when she yelled, "Ok, call her!" back to Georgia's mom, it was just too cute. Man. What an awesome place to live! (Wonder if there are any houses for sale nearby.)

Everyone is so impressed with Georgia's prompt delivery skills. @TJ Suire was disappointed that Georgia didn't get a tip for her efforts, saying, "Nah! She didn’t tip my girl! Georgia is out here in these snow covered streets doing God's work! I demand she is given bones next time! ✨🦴😂." Another commenter, @Kelly H added, "This is a whole new meaning to GPS. Georgia Postal Service 😂." Even the one and only Chelsea Handler chimed in with, "What a good girl!"

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But for everyone who thinks Georgia deserved a tip, you'll be happy to know that she was appropriately rewarded a couple of days later, when she made another delivery run, this time, with an at-home COVID-19 test.

Aww. This good girl deserves allllll the treats!

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