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Parents Surprise Golden With the Ultimate Birthday Gift and It's So Sweet

Video of a Golden Retriever getting an early birthday gift has proven to be a treat for all of us. And now we feel like it's our birthday too! The footage shared by the pup's owner @stag_and_taco, shows little Stag getting surprised by a special present. And now people all over the internet are wishing this good boy a happy birthday. 

You might think you've gotten a really good birthday gift in the past, but Stag's gift really took the cake. In the footage, Stag's owner asked if he wanted to go outside to get his present. The dog was so excited when he saw a large box waiting for him. And once the lid if the box came off he was absolutely ecstatic .

It was a brand new puppy! "Meet Taco," the video's onscreen text reads. "Getting our dog a dog…. They are smitten!" the caption reads. 

The comments section was in love too. "The older dog had a double check to make sure there weren’t any other puppies in the box LOL," @hollykeenan148 wrote. "Happy birthday Stag! I love how he looks in the box to see if there’s another puppy! Best friends forever," @debbieutterback78 chimed in. "Aw he’s enjoying his baby brother," @glamma0703 commented. "Love that you can tell Taco is wiggling in the box lol," @ddallassyadigg teased.

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This was just the beginning for these two fur-siblings. In a video later on Stag and Taco's page, the two were caught having a morning snuggle. 

Best present ever. 

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