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Golden Retriever's Drama Over Not Getting What He Wants Is Priceless

Every pup has their own way of asking for what they want...and for throwing a fit when their human says 'no.' Just ask @kobythegoldenn! This big, fluffy boy has an even bigger reaction to things not going his way, and TikTok is living for it.

This Golden Retriever is as cute as can be, but the way he shows his feelings is absolutely hilarious! We totally get why the clip (and its star) is getting so much attention online.

LMAO! Koby doesn't have to say a single word to tell us how he's feeling, though it's hard not to indulge ourselves in a laugh. He's just so dramatic! Commenter @itbitesback wrote, "Goldens having husky attitudes is amazing," and we couldn't agree more. We knew this tantrum looked familiar!

"Omg, We thought we were the only ones with sassy golden," added @socalgirlmandy. "Ours does that then proceeds to kick the pillows off the couch." Ha! That pup sounds like a hoot to be around, even if the furniture gets a bit ruffled in the process. For our dogs, it's all worth it. 

It didn't take long for other Golden owners to chime in and share their own sassy pup stories. If you didn't guess it already--they're just as hilarious as Koby's! 

@Misheap82 wrote, "Ours does this when we are eating and he is not allowed at the dinner table." Well--we can see why he'd be upset! Missing out on all that delicious food can be upsetting AF! Then there's @kaymcarter's pup, who "throws a fit every single night." Now that's what we call drama!

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