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Viral Video of Golden Retriever's Ecstatic Reaction to Puppy Sibling Makes Our Day

When your dog has found his bestie, it’s pretty darn special. For one family from Kelowna, Canada, their dog’s Ollie BFF just so happened to be the new puppy they brought home. And now a video tribute to their extra-special relationship is blowing up online.

The video first went viral a year ago, when more than 20 million people watched as the then 2-year-old Ollie welcomed the new puppy Finley to their house. The video has since bubbled up again, and again Ollie’s sheer excitement has won people over. The footage from Anna Craig (@annabanano0) shows Ollie’s Papa bringing over the puppy in his arms — and Ollie’s reaction is absolutely incredible. “Friends from the beginning,” Craig wrote in the original video’s caption. 

What a sweetheart he is! Commenters were impressed with Ollie and his gentle welcome. “MOST Goldens are very accepting of new pups, new babies, anything...instinct tells them to be gentle!” @tamtam__57 explained. “I have two golden boys. Nothing like it,” @bethgoc21 added. “This made me genuinely SMILE. So adorable! Besties for life,” @tbrawley chimed in. “Goldens absolutely love their little brothers and sisters so much!” @shelleyrussohux wrote.

The extra sweet part is that Ollie and Finley’s relationship only grew stronger overtime. Now 3 and 1 years old, the two are basically inseparable. Check out another video from Craig, where the two were caught sleeping nose-to-nose, shows. Ahh! We can’t, it’s just too cute. “BFF,” Craig wrote in the caption. 

So while it might be nerve-wracking to bring home a new dog, it’s good to remember that there’s always hope that your pets will get along. And maybe just like these two, they’ll quickly become as close as can be.