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Golden Retriever Puppy's Reaction to Her First Pup Cup Is Impossible to Resist

For dogs, treats are one of the greatest joys in life. Whether it's a bite off your plate or a snack of their own, they'll be oh-so-grateful to get their mouth on it. In recent years, though, Starbucks' Pup Cups (AKA Puppuccinos) have become one of the Internet's most favorite treats--for dogs, that is. It's just a small cup of whipped cream, but the reaction it gets from furry friends is huge.

The latest doggo to go viral with this delicious snack is @malibu.the.golden, and needless to say TikTok is obsessed. This precious Golden Retriever pup has no clue what she's in for when they first pull up to Starbucks, but her taste buds know a treat when they find one. Just look at that reaction!

OMG, we can't get enough of this lil' one! Her excitement is paw-sitively palpable and we just love everything about it. The look on her dad's face truly says it all. 

Let's just say we're so glad someone was filming! As @kamringorham pointed out, "the way she’s literally shaking" is just the sweetest thing--and honestly, it's pretty funny too! We don't need to see a wagging tail to know how happy Miss Malibu is. 

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There's no doubt in our mind-- or in @vinbab73's--that "Doggies love Puppuccinos 🐶," especially when they come with a treat on top! @Cora.thegolden girl was "jealous that [Malibu] got a bone treat too," and she even included "#beststarbucks" in her comment! 

"Adorable!" wrote @naomiblk1. "I remember our golden pups first visit. Enjoy…they grow too fast 🥰." Aw! Leave it to a sentimental pet parent to get emotional over the smallest thing, but if this isn't great advice, we don't know what is! Take in every moment with your pup, no matter how small or mundane.

Tons of viewers like @natashaniko2021 fell head-over-heels for Malibu's moment of pure joy. "The enthusiasm," they commented. "Heartwarming 🥰." If you ask us, that's the perfect word to describe it! 

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