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Golden Retriever Makes a Surprise Wedding Appearance and Groom’s Reaction Is Everything

You spend months, sometimes even years, planning for your wedding, hammering out the details with your partner. You have the whole day planned out in your mind, and every last detail is approved by you. So, when the big day finally arrives, everything should run as you imagine. That is, unless your significant other plans something without you knowing. No matter if you pulled off a surprise or if you’re planning to, nothing will top what this one bride did to surprise her groom.

TikTok user @westimagery shared a clip of a bride surprising the wedding with the best possible flower girl and we’re obsessed! She dressed up her Golden Retriever in a beautiful flower crown to be the “flower dog” of the wedding. In the video, the camera shows this good girl coming around the corner, revealing herself at the end of the aisle. She was the proudest pup as she strutted toward her dad. And his reaction is just the best!

OMG! We’re so in love with this video. The dog was ecstatic walking down the aisle towards her dad. But of course, she had to stop and say hello to all the guests! “The way she seems to be telling everyone ‘thank you for coming to celebrate my hoomans,’” said @Rebecca Duplessis. HA! Plus, you could just tell how proud she was of her paw-rents. She didn’t necessarily care about getting pets (even though she definitely wanted some!) because she knew it was a day to celebrate her two favorite humans. 

@Amanda Haasis added, “She’s like, ‘I’m the most important one besides the bride.’” Let’s hope this bride didn’t mind her baby stole the show! It was clearly the dog’s night. “The only flower girl I will accept at my wedding,” commented @Tallie. She did her job well as she “threw” some flowers with the shake at the beginning. LOL. Not only is she the cutest flower girl we’ve ever seen, but she is also by far the best! Any chance she is available to hire?!