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Moment Adopted Golden Retriever Realizes He Finally Has a Forever Home Melts Our Hearts

Bringing home a new pet can be a long-anticipated moment for everyone in the family--including the pet! Even if they're living peacefully with a foster parent, nothing beats the moment that a dog or cat realizes that they're finally home. 

Norman the Golden Retriever is no exception to this, though he waited a bit longer than most to find his forever family. But don't worry! He and his new fur brother are the faces of @golden_ish_, a TikTok account dedicated to their daily romps and adventures. He's really living the good life!

And yes, it's just as cute as it sounds.

What did we tell you--adorable, right? Norman looks just as shocked as he does happy, which is understandable! It's a huge change, and it's been a long time coming!

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Needless to say, TikTok commenters are thrilled for this Golden and his new family, but nothing beats his reaction. "Oh look at that face," commented @anobodyhonest. "He was so ready to be sent back 🥺." He was definitely mentally preparing himself, but it sounds like it didn't take his family long at all. 

"We took him home for a week trial," @golden_ish_ responded. I contacted the foster family after we had him for one day and said 'deposit our check, we’re keeping him' 🥰." That's so perfect! Even so, it seems like Nelson had a lot to get used to in his new home. And he still does! His owner explained in another comment: "You can’t leave him alone bc he’ll eat things in the house he shouldn’t. Occasionally counter surfs. He’s a big toddler😂." LMAO!

Even if he is a big toddler, he's such a sweet, loveable one. It's easy to see why his family fell in love with him! 

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