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Video of Golden Retriever Fostering Abandoned Chicks Tugs at the Heartstrings

They say friendship can be found in the most unlikely places — and we'd have to say a trending video on TikTok proves that it's true. We're sure that no one expected a Golden Retriever named Custard to become a surrogate mommy for two chicks who were abandoned by their mother. But watching the dog care for these babies seems like the most normal thing in the world. 

Custard is such a good mommy to these babies. And watching these three bond is such a treat. As the onscreen text caption on the video reads, "Their mom rejected them so Custard is having to lend a helping hand," it states. Custard is so gentle with these chicks, which is probably why they feel so comfortable with her. "Golden Retriever turned nanny," his owner Lydia (@lidiaxanna) joked in the caption. 

People in the comments section were smitten with this unusual threesome. "This is beautiful beyond words," @songbirdlu commented. "I want to give your dog the biggest kiss and cuddle … so adorable," @amandajane165 chimed in. "This is the kind of love the world needs more of," @katnpup wrote. 

The video has since been watched almost 500,000 times and some people were just charmed with the Golden Retriever. "Dogs eyes are so expressive," @grumpyoldfart3 gushed. "Is there anything more perfect than a dog?" @franklin353245rdf wondered. "Oh gosh, she’s precious. Look at how proud yet how newbie she is. Lovely girl," @shoedini praised. 

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"It looks like she’s checking in that she’s doing a good job!" her mama wrote later in the thread. 

By the looks of it, Custard is pretty much a parenting professional. We'd love to see her teach these chicks how to play fetch!

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