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Video of Golden Retriever Offering 'Free Hugs' Is As Good As It Gets

Times have been tough lately, and we could all use a pick me up. A hug would be nice, but a hug from a Golden Retriever would be the perfect remedy to your gloom. That's why this Golden is offering free hugs for everyone. What a good girl!

Sunday is a funny, quirky, singing Golden Retriever queen, according to her TikTok bio. In the video posted by @sundaythegoldenretriever, she is sitting in a basket with many balloons tied above her, à la the 2009 Pixar movie Up. The front of the basket has a sign advertising free hugs, and Sunday eagerly waits to give out her hugs. Check out the video to revel in all the cuteness Sunday is offering.

Where's the sign up sheet? We want to get some hugs from Sunday, too!

Many people in the comments were stating that this video is exactly what they needed to lift their spirits. @ashmoney_203 said, "With everything I have going on I would love a hug from this cutie," and @jennynikki_ asked, "If I were to just sit on your lawn for hours hanging and getting hugs with your dog would you be mad?" We don't blame you for wanting to hang on to Sunday forever!

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Others are saying they'll travel for hug from Sunday! @r0wdy.b said they would be "running across Australia to get a hug," and @hanalisse_ commented, "I’m coming!!! Don’t move!" We would travel any distance for a hug from this sweet pup. Who needs therapy when you can have unlimited Sunday hugs?

Sunday's account left a comment on her own video asking people to, "Please share with friends and family who need this and spread kindness and a big hug." Such a great message from a wonderful dog!

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