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Golden Retriever's 'Bat-Themed' Day With Dad Is Everything

Have you ever been jealous of a dog before? I mean, sure, dogs don't have to work, they have all their meals prepared for them, they can nap whenever and wherever they want and we are pretty sure we have never seen a dog fold laundry or unload a dishwasher. 

But some dogs take this "it's a dog's life" thing to the next level and that's adorable Golden Retriever Teddy. His owner at @Aguyandagolden , gave Teddy the best day ever and once you want this amazingly fun video, you're probably going to be pretty jealous of Teddy.

There's just so much to unpack here! First of all, that built-in dog house! And it's all decorated for fall. That is just too cute. But not as cute as Teddy! @Darlajanisiack posts, "Bat dog you are the cutest! Happy fall and early Halloween to the both of you!!" @Jacobscreamsalot adds, "I finally found the the answer to the famous question, “who’s a good boy?” It’s him. I found him." @Kikiandbabyandlife exclaims, "This is how I want everyday to be." 

Us too! We love all the activities Teddy partook in and especially the end when he was all curled up watching a movie with dad. That's it, we all want to be Teddy. His "best day" just made our week! 

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