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Dog's Reaction to Getting 'Cuddle Clone' of His Best Friend Who Passed Has Us in Tears

Our pets might not be able to tell us when they’re hurting, but we always know when they’re down. Just like TikTok creator @wat.ki0 did when her Golden, Watson, lost his BFF Kiko to cancer. The mom surprised her pup with an extra-special present to help Watson grieve. Hopefully, we think it’s just the thing to help make his day a little bit brighter.

As the TikToker explained, , Kiko lost his second battle with cancer on February 1, 2022. We can only imagine that life after Kiko’s death hasn’t been easy, which is why his owner wanted to get him a present. “Watson lost his best friend to cancer, so I decided to gift him a Cuddle Clone of Kiko so he can always have him close,” his owner explained in the video’s text overlay. “Kiko’s nickname was Big Sweetie, so I named plush Kiko Lil Sweetie,” she added. We’re not embarrassed to say that we shed a tear or two after seeing Watson’s reaction. The love these two had for each other is so clear!

We weren’t the only ones tearing up after seeing Watson get his new plushy. “Bout to cry,” @itsvxbzy admitted. “Who is cutting onions here...?” @annuschel asked. “I started crying as soon as I saw Watson,” @samanthalynn331 admitted. “He acts like he understands every word you say,” @jeffcoleman3 wrote.

Later in the thread, @wat.ki0 shared that the toy was only one of the things they’ve done to help Watson through the grieving process. She also shared that they have other animals in their home, so Watson has other playmates to see him through. Assuredly, it must be difficult for Watson to no longer have his right-hand man. But he's never really too far away. “Kiko is always with him,” his owner added.