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Golden Retriever Outsmarts Her Parents to Get Dinner Twice in Hilarious Video

Kids think they can outsmart their parents. And well, sometimes, they can! For example, a child might ask their dad for $20, which he gives, but then the kid will go to their mom with the same question. Next thing you know, the child is walking out $40 richer. Sneaky, sneaky! And the parents don’t realize it until later when they mention it to each other but it’s already too late. Talk about working the system! And apparently, it’s not just kids out-witting their parents these days. Dogs are getting in on tricking their parents as well.

For TikTok user @labiancamusic, his sneaky dog named Stella worked the system a little too well. In a hilarious clip of his Golden Retriever, which has over 3.2 million views, Stella is sitting proudly. She knows what she did was a little bit evil, but it’s too late now. Her parents can’t take back the second dinner they accidentally gave her. She totally outsmarted them!

OMG. She really did get away with two dinners in less than 30 minutes, all because her parents didn’t communicate about who was giving her dinner! So this is a reminder to all pet owners to double-check with their co-parent if they already fed the pet. LOL! Although, one extra scoop for dinner wouldn’t hurt anyone.

“Win-win situation 😂,” commented @noor_sabitu. Well, not really a win for the parents. Ha! But definitely a win-win-win for Stella! “Not quite lying but guilty of omission,” added @Jeff. He brings up a great point. She didn’t necessarily say she never received dinner, she just left out the part that she already ate. To be fair, we’d do the same thing if we were her. 

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Another commenter, @chuckroades, said, “That pup is so darn proud in this video.” She was the proudest and she couldn’t believe her plan actually worked! She’d better soak it all in because we bet they won’t make the same mistake twice.

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