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Golden Retriever's Precious New Hairstyle Done by Mom Will Melt Hearts

TikTok parents have joined in on a new trend of asking their children what kind of hairstyle they would like. You might've seen it before, the famous question - piggies or bunnies? Once the kid decides, they start brushing and separating the hair, preparing to give them either pigtails or little buns. One dog mom decided to try the trend with her Golden Retriever and trust us, it did not disappoint! 

The caption on this TikTok video from @marquettethegolden reads, "Daisy wanted her hair done today!" Aww, who doesn't love getting their hair done?! And unlike most kids, Daisy was the sweetest, most polite little customer while getting her hair done. She sits so calmly in between her mom's legs. She knows it's time to get pampered. Just wait until you see the final look, too adorable! 

SO CUTE! We're so glad Daisy asked to get her hair done because she looks fab! Her facial expressions throughout the video were everything. No wonder the clip has over 1.5 million views! "Me sitting here thinking she was gonna say piggies or bunnies," said @zmoney. Ha! Why did we think the same thing?! 

"Oh my word💕 when she looks up at you 😍 my heart," commented @a_trainor22. Right?! She kept looking up at her mom as if she were saying, 'Wow, you made me look so beautiful!' Although some TikTok users are disagreeing...@Jackullation wrote, "I wanted BUNNIES 🙄." Ha! She did look like she was upset she got piggies over bunnies. That's ok, next time Daisy! @savannadawns added, "Mom I'm too old for this silly kid stuff." LOL! Spot on! We're sure parents have gotten that response plenty of times before.

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We still think Daisy was loving her spa day. Her mom even said in the comments she usually falls asleep when getting brushed out. So this is no different! Plus, she looks like a beautiful princess and we can't wait to see how she looks in bunnies! 

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