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Golden Retriever’s Elated Reaction to His New Pool Is Simply Irresistible

It’s time to lather up the sunscreen as the summer heat kicks in. Families are getting ready to hit the beach, lakes, and pools. Any form of water will help you cool off in the blistering sun. It’s easy for us to find a body of water and get into it, but what about our furry friends who need to cool off, too? Plastic kiddy pools of course! 

TikTok doggo @drakethepupstar's parents knew they needed to get a pool for him because the summer heat was quickly approaching. They went to the store and picked out a kiddy pool that is just the right size for Drake. When they brought it home, their Golden Retriever couldn’t believe his wildest dreams were coming true. His parents couldn’t even put the pool down without him going nuts! You won’t believe what he does with the empty pool! 

OMG! Now, that’s the definition of jumping for joy. And he didn’t want to let the pool out of his sight! Drake was carrying it all around the yard, looking for the perfect spot. The only other thing he needed besides the perfect spot was some water. LOL! 

TikTok user @Kaila Crozier said, “I love how he finds the pool fun without water 😂.” Apparently, it doesn’t take much to entertain Drake! Another user, @material girl added, “He really said it’s about darn time.” LOL! They really did add the perfect soundtrack to this video. 

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The official TikTok account of Bark Box wrote, “Drake doesn’t even know about the possibilities!!!” Oh, but he learned soon enough.

Aww! He thought the pool with no water was great until he learned the real meaning of a pool. Drake was LOVING it! @SAMANTHA said, “Okay, so next investment needs to be a full-on pool for him 😂.” The bigger the better! 

So… when’s the pool party?! 

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