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Golden Retriever 'Goes Green' With the Help of Freshly Cut Grass

It's normal to want to change up your look every now and again. A new haircut or dye job can be all that you need to feel fabulous AF, though one Golden Retriever is reminding us all that makeovers can be done at home, too. That's right--@maui_thegoldenpup gave himself a whole new look with the help of some freshly cut grass.

As hilarious as this sounds, it's also insanely cute. We have no idea how Maui got himself into such a pickle, but we love that his owner got it on film.

LMAO! We can't get enough of this silly boy, though we're sure his family wasn't happy about having to wash all the grass off of him. That's what happens when you have a curious pup, we suppose!

Naturally, TikTok is loving Maui's fun antics as much as we are. @Floofington1 made the hilarious comment, "Oh! A rare green retriever!" And we're still laughing over here! Viewer @ph0t0nmars asked, "HOW DID THIS HAPPEN HES SO CUTE," and we just love the story that came with the answer. 

"Rolling in fresh cut grass," responded viewer and dog owner @arichou04. "Happened to our very white dog when he was a puppy, he was bright green and it would not come off." Oh no! By the sounds of it, this 'green fur' phenomenon is something pet parents tend to learn about the hard way. At least the pups have fun in the process, right?

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