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Dog’s Reaction to Her Favorite Human Coming Home From College Is Everything

Every pet has that one person that they love more than anyone else. That can be said with children, too, but kids don’t make it as obvious who their favorite is. Dogs, in particular, start jumping all over the place with their tails wagging nonstop, so there’s no denying who is their bestie. But we don’t mind, it’s so cute that we’d watch them greet their favorite human a million times over. 

We'll start by watching this adorable TikTok video from @paisleybean1 on repeat. This Golden Retriever‘s favorite human has been away at college. And for anyone that knows, long-distance relationships are the pits! The poor pup has been stuck at home for months, but the reunion day has finally arrived. Paisley must’ve seen her coming out of the car because the dog was waiting right next to the front door with her tail rapidly wagging. And when the human opened the door, all the love broke loose! 

Aww! That’s the cutest hello we’ve ever seen. Paisley couldn’t contain her excitement now that her favorite human was finally home. She immediately jumped up on her as soon as the door opened. Her bestie didn’t even take more than one step inside. LOL! And the reunion was filled with “the happy wiggles,” as @taytayswanswan said. Paisley is just trying to pack in as much love as possible to make up for lost time. Can you blame her?! 

As @jshnigro pointed out, “The talking.” You know that’s a sure sign of love! And apparently Paisley isn’t one to talk much. The creator responded, “She’s usually not very vocal!” Well, she had to talk because her favorite person was finally home. “Don’t ever leave that baby again,” said another commenter. She has to take Paisley to college with her next semester. Sorry, we don’t make the rules!