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Golden Retriever's Innovative Halloween Costume Wins the Internet

Halloween costume judging for pets is over! Everyone can go home!  @KatieandChandler have totally won Halloween with this ridiculously hilarious costume. 

We can never get over how creative and talented all you pet owners are during spooky season and Katie just goes all out. Chandler actually seems like he loves dressing up too, and this costume will probably make you hungry and laugh at the same time. Check out this hysterical video. 

OMG! This costume is just beyond! This is the best bowl of macaroni and cheese ever! And the song is bringing back some hard core childhood memories for people. @KatieC posts "The way I hadn’t heard this in years but SCREAMED “It’s cheesosaurus rex!” @Shar adds "Why am I still able to sing EVERY WORD like it was just yesterday??!" @Wenderz agrees "Tell me why I knew this song word for word? It's embarrassing!" 

Yup, this song will be stuck in all of our heads today because this macaroni jingle is a total ear worm. But we'll also be hoping we see a dog dressed up like Chandler haunting our doorsteps on Halloween. This good boy deserves all the treats! 

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