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Golden Retriever Insists on Being in the Hammock With Dad and We Can't Get Enough

Pets never seem to give us a second of peace and quiet. Sound familiar? They're just like kids! It doesn't matter if you have fur babies or the human kind, both just want to be with their parents 24/7. And as much as you might want some alone time, they're all too cute to ignore, which is why you can never truly get your quiet time.  

For one Golden Retriever owner, he was about to take a nap in a hammock. Silly for him to think he could sneak a nap in because next thing he knows, he was joined by his fur buddy named Finny. The video posted to TikTok account @goldengirl_xena shows how Finny didn't hesitate to join in on hammock time. In fact, he was excited! You'd think Finny would just sit on the ground next to his owner, but what they do next is beyond adorable!

Stop it! This is so stinking cute! Finny really jumped right up there to check out what was going on. He had no hesitations about joining. He wanted to be in the hammock immediately! "Ultimate snuggle time," said @Emilcmc75. We'd be in that hammock with this pup for hours! @Lisabell wrote, "Can't think of anything or who I'd like to spend some hammock time with. So adorable." Right?! Nothing would top this moment.

The best part is that the owners didn't force Finny up there. He really wanted to join! How can you tell? Well, as @Odie_theblacklab pointed out, "The tail wag says it all." YES! And then his happy face at the end of the video is priceless!

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"What heaven must look like," said @bandic6t. Oh boy, we sure do hope this is what heaven looks like! Or maybe this is just heaven on earth as @chumpunk said. The comment reads, "Whoever says there is no heaven on earth has never owned a dog and had moments like this." The best kind of moments that you'll cherish forever!

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