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Golden Retriever's Priceless Reaction to Dad Coming Home Is Just Precious

When you're a dog owner, just walking in your front door is cause for celebration. There is no one happier to see you than your pooch. Just look at a video on @graciethegolden22's TikTok page, which shows their Golden Retriever a mere four hours after her father left the house. "She is very dramatic but so full of joy," her mom joked in the comments. 

There is nothing that Gracie loves more than finding a stick while out of a walk — okay, maybe there is one thing she likes better. As the viral video on her page shows, Gracie had found a huge stick in their yard that day (win!) but things got so much better when her dad walked through the back door. "When you haven't seen your dad in four hours and he finally comes home," the video's text overlay reads. Gracie has the best reaction to seeing her papa. Just look at her body language!

"She loves her dad so much," the video's caption states.

The video has been watched almost 400,000 times and people couldn't get enough of Gracie's happy reaction. "I love how her whole body wiggles when she sees her daddy come home and pets her head! Priceless!" @gailneumeister wrote. "Adorable she won't let go of her stick," @maureensanders335 commented. "Here, Dad. I've been waiting to give you this stick!" @yodarn teased. 

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Although @zach5139 probably said it best: "Dogs have the most pure souls. They love everyone and just want to be happy. How can someone not love dogs!"

We could watch Gracie's reaction to seeing her dad all day long. Their love is totally heartwarming.

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