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Golden Retriever's 'Alter Ego' Makes Us LOL

Judging by this video posted by @Tuckerbudzyn, Todd is such a good boy. Golden Retrievers are known for being sweet, gentle, friendly dogs and Todd here is no exception. He's just a big pile of floofy goodness, and he would absolutely never do anything to scare you. Impossible!

Unless, of course, adorable Todd here is just part of The Mind Flayer and has everyone fooled. You watch this hilarious video and see what you think. Sweet angel bupper or sinister Stranger Things creature? 

LOL! Nope, this big teddy bear can't scare us! We love the transition from well-loved family pet to something that may be lurking in our nightmares. @No replies, "I’m gonna have nightmares because he’s too cute!" We'd love to have nightmares about this cuddle bunny! @Strangeredits2411 has a correction to make about Todd, posting, "I’m sorry but that ain’t a golden retriever, it’s a demidog!" @Scarls asks, "Is Todd a cute version of a demidog?" 

He still looks too sweet to us to be a demidog. Whatever this big boy is, innocent dog, demon dog, we don't care we just want to give him belly rubs. Even if he is from the upside down! 

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