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Golden Retriever's Reaction to Realizing Human Brother Is Home Has Us Obsessed

Does your pet ever do something that makes you think that they aren't the brightest? Or maybe they don't have the best memory? But of course, we love them anyway! It's not their fault that their day consists of so much playtime, napping and walks that they can't remember everything. LOL! That's probably what happened to TikTok user @breflynn11's dog forgot who was at the house! 

This TikToker captured the sweetest moment on film and we're absolutely obsessed. Her forgetful Golden Retriever named Skye woke up one morning to see someone in the house. Not an intruder, but her favorite human. Or so we think it's her favorite human! She definitely thought it was a surprise visit, but in reality, he was home for a few days at this point. LOL! Based on her reaction alone, you'd think she hasn't seen him in ages.

AW!! Her little cries are everything! It's so pure and full of love. Can we please trade places with this human brother for at least one morning? This has to be the best possible way to start your day! "This is probably going to happen every morning. 😂," commented @Brian Niederpruem. And that's not a bad thing at all! 

"That's his soul person and you need to accept it," wrote @jennifer burpoe. It's true, you can't make up a bond like that! The creator responded and said, "She’s absolutely in love with him that’s for sure 😅." Aww! That's actually so sweet!

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"She thought it was a dream," said @wzlyons. Nope, not a dream! Just her human brother that's been there before. Don't worry, she's not the only forgetful Golden Retriever in the house. LOL! Check out the doggy brother! 

This human brother got not one, but two of the sweetest greetings we've ever seen before! How is that fair?! @Erin Monroe said, "So excited for hooman." We'd say those dogs are more than excited for their human brother! 

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