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Video of Dog Who's a 'Golden Retriever-Husky Mix' Is Too Cute To Be True

Purebred dogs might get all the hype, especially at dog shows, but more and more mixed breeds are gaining popularity. Poodle mixes--like Cockapoos, Goldendoodles, and Aussiedoodles--are especially well known (and unfortunately are often taken advantage of by irresponsible breeders), but rarer mixes are entering the spotlight, too. 

One TikTok video from @kobandash is bringing attention to the coveted Golden Retriever and Husky mix--one that's rarely encountered "in the wild." The video in question features Asher, a "self-proclaimed good boy" who lives with his human mama and his canine brother Kobe. All Asher has to do is smile for the camera and our hearts are absolutely melted--that's the power of this adorable breed mix.

Just look at that face! No wonder the Internet is breaking for this precious boy. He could make the entire world come to a standstill if he wanted to! 

"THATS NOT A HUSKY-GOLDEN MIX, THATS A PUREBRED GOOD BOY," wrote @jayyy_deeeee. Exactly! That lil' angel has us under his spell already, and we wouldn't have it any other way. 

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Funny enough, though, Asher actually isn't a pure Husky and Golden Retriever mix. Their human replied to a comment, "he has a little bit of shepherd in him as well but the 2 biggest breeds are golden & husky according to @embarkvet!!" Honestly, we couldn't care less which breeds are involved here--Asher is perfect exactly as he is!

We're thinking @liveuncomfortably feels the same way. "Oh…. My….. GOD!!" they commented. "I’m on the fence between a Goldie and a Husky… you’re saying I can have both??!!?!?" That's exactly what we're saying! We think @deathbringer2020 worded it perfectly when they called Asher, "50% golden retriever, 50% husky, 100% floof, and 100000000% adorable." Don't forget another 100% good boy!

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