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Golden Retriever’s Excited Reaction to the Ice Cream Truck Is Simply Irresistible

A popsicle is the absolute best way to beat the heat. So we can totally understand why this Golden Retriever was practically jumping for joy when he heard the familiar jingle of the local ice cream truck. Freddie wasn't just a little excited when he heard the truck coming, he was ecstatic. And now thousands of people thousands of people online are chiming in after seeing his hilarious reaction. 

Freddie is just the happiest little pupper. But nothing makes him beam quite like hearing the ice cream truck pull up in front of his house. The video later shared on the @freddiethegolden TikTok page shows the dog practically knocking the door off its hinges in effort to get to the truck faster. And when he finally got outside, he bolted to greet the driver. "Ice cream truck came by again!" his owner wrote in the caption. "Freddie was very exited! He had to wait for mom to get the money lol!!" Take a look at how the pup patiently waits for the ice cream drivers to get his order ready. Such a good boy!

So many people wrote in after watching the footage. "I love how he just hops in and they obviously love it too, can't blame 'em...looks like the world's best customer," @chanceatme joked. “Mom, hurry and pay the man!” @txfrugalfinds quipped. "Key word is 'again.' The driver came back and I love him for it," @hesabutton pointed out. "Same pup! Same!! Now if I could get a margarita truck!! Treats for everyone!" @emmalinejewel teased.

We guess you could say that Freddie was just really excited for his pup-sicle!

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