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Golden Retriever Named 'Kevin' Gets Halloween Costumes Based on His Name

With Halloween just around the corner (like, within a matter of days, people) we costume procrastinators have to get it together! Luckily, one precious Golden Retriever and his creative paw-rents are here to offer some ideas, though they'll work even better if you're also named Kevin. Still, there isn't a person in the world who can't appreciate these amazing costumes.

Whether you're a fan of puns, dogs, or Halloween, this video is sure to make you smile. Thanks, @agoldennamedkevin, for the ideas and the entertainment! 

OMG--we just can't get enough of Kevin! Not only are his facial expressions giving us life, but he looks oh-so-handsome in anything! He's the most delicious piece of bacon we ever did see.

Unsurprisingly, we aren't the only ones obsessed with this fashionable canine. Commenter @jared29132 wrote, "Kevin bacon wins," and it became pretty clear which costume is the fan favorite. So many people loved the bacon! "Kevin Bacon in Apollo 13 for the win," agreed @ninewest88. Well, he is a media icon!

Still, there were a few other 'Kevin' costume suggestions that had us smiling from ear to ear. One of our favorites was @kaysbee's who said, "This isn’t plausible but I’d like to see Kevin from the office carrying the chili." Not only is that plausible, but it's hilarious! A button-up, a wig, and a toy chili pot is all you'd need for the perfect Kevin cosplay.

"How about Kevin from UP?" suggested @kerikat83. That would be so adorable! Even if this Golden boy looks more like Dug, the dog from UP, we'd love to see him decked out in rainbow feathers.

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