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Video of Golden Retriever Who Needs to Be Rescued in Korea Breaks Our Hearts

There are so many dogs that need a good home. Both here in the United States and across the world. That's why a company called Bunny's Buddies (@bunnysbuddies) is trying to raise awareness about dogs who need to be homed. The company recently shared a video looking for a home for a Golden Retriever found on the streets of South Korea. And hopefully someone out there is ready to open up their hearts to this pup.

The short video shows footage of the Golden Retriever who is in need of urgent rescue. "As you can see he is totally chained up. We would love to get him free," a woman's voice can be heard saying off-screen. Unfortunately the organization doesn't have the space to take the dog in, but hoped that maybe someone would see the footage and be willing to help. 

People in the comments section wanted the dog to find a fur-ever home. "Someone rescue this baby," @splash1307 wrote. "Please help this baby," @stephaniemisner54 agreed. "Ugh this breaks my heart!" @ambitious_girllll added.

The organization will also try and make adoption as easy as possible. "We would absolutely love to consider you for this Golden as he is still currently in need of rescuing and a home! Please spread the word. He can fly to LAX or JFK in about a month or two!" the caption reads.

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If you, or anyone you know, is willing to adopt the pup you can reach out through the Bunny's Buddies website. 

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