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Golden Retriever’s Sweet Friendship With the Landscaper Is Impossible to Resist

Dogs are just so good and pure. Even when they're asking for attention, it's too sweet to resist. One Golden Retriever named Finn proved this point for the entire Internet to see as he befriended his neighbor's landscaper, and we can't get enough. He just looks so happy!

A big shoutout to @elizafitzgerald8 who shared this heartwarming video of her baby boy. Clearly he's very popular around the neighborhood, and now he's popular on TikTok, too. I mean, just look at that patient angel!

This landscaper should feel absolutely honored that this dog waits for him like this every week, and if he's anything like the landscapers who commented on this video, he does. @lawnscape_406 wrote, "I have several neighbors dogs I do this with! Makes both our days!" How could it not?

"My husband is a landscaper," added @maureenbauer528. "[He] carries a container of biscuits in the truck and knows all the dogs on his route by name." Someone give this man a raise--that is a job well done if you ask us!

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"I'll take why are dogs better than humans for $200," commented @nealjackman57. Honestly, though, one could reply with this to literally any dog video in existence and it would still be relevant. They're just that good! 

Except @2stronglioness's fur baby, apparently: "my beagle would have jumped over that fence 😭 lol! a lot of self control on your puppy 🥰." That's true, Finn was such a patient boy!

He's also just a sucker for the spotlight. He soaks up every moment with his neighborhood buddy, despite all the loving he gets from friends and family. One commenter, @michellelynn223, joked, "Ugh any other attention?" and Finn's mom's response is amazing. Check out her reply video, and just try not to smile at this happy boy!

Where can we sign up for some Finn snuggles? He just looks so soft and loving! No wonder the landscaper can't get enough of him.

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