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Dog's Funny Reaction to Breakfast Being 3 Minutes Late Is Too Cute to Resist

In the morning the only thing your pup wants is breakfast. Okay, maybe a quick morning walk first things first. But if you don't want to see one grumpy puppy, you'd better get some food in their bowl — stat. On TikTok, one man from Richmond, Virginia (@hdbrosriley) dared serving his Golden Retriever Riley his food a whopping three minutes later than he usually does. And the sour expression on Riley's face is too funny for words. 

We guess that Riley was really expecting some prompt service when he sat down at the kitchen island one morning. But if we were his owner, we'd be seriously worried that the pup was going to leave a negative review of his meal on Yelp. "When it's 7:03 and breakfast was supposed to be at 7:00," the video's text overlay reads. 

"You just need to relax and stop overreacting," his owner jokingly tells him in the footage. And the end of the video is absolutely hysterical. 

The comments section couldn't get enough. "His look is like 'Sharon I can't with your husband anymore,'" @annexmoe975 joked. "It’s the word 'relax' that did it, when has that word ever been helpful," @daniellathebella pointed out. "The look to camera, Jim Halpert style, was all that was needed here," @thethomasarias added. "I don’t think anyone tells time better than dogs at mealtime," @sfjackieo kidded. 

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We're sure that Riley gobbled up his meal as soon as it was ready. But it's a good lesson to Dad that 7 am means 7 am. No brunch for this guy.

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