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Golden Retriever's Sad Reaction to Being Forced to Leave the Dog Park Is Going Viral

Like Mom always said, you've got to play nice! Guess this Golden Retriever didn't get the hint, or maybe he just has his own version of social etiquette. Either way, his human mama did not appreciate the way he was acting, so it was time to leave the dog park.

The pitiful moment was shared on this dog's TikTok account, @oakleys.big.adventure, but it's gaining traction like wildfire! Here we are 6.6 million views later, having a good laugh over this boy's naughty escapades. We have a feeling his mom wasn't laughing when it happened, though! 

Oh, so that's why he left the dog park? Yikes! Yeah, we might have to rule with Mom on this one--she must've been mortified! We can't even begin to fathom what was going through Oakley's head in that moment, but my goodness did this incident make for some hilarious comments:

With the most-liked comment on the video, @._cherrymilk said, "He was like 'smells good to me, this ones mine guys'," and we're still laughing! That's exactly what the moment looks like in our head, at least. 

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On the other hand, maybe Oakley's just a bit socially challenged. "I mean not everyone’s good at flirting!!" argued @ellotheremate_itsbea. That's true! @Gabbythepimp must agree because she chimed in, "seems innocent to me." Us, too--give him another chance, Mom! Like @dannycasserly0 said, "We’ve all done that at least once right?"

You know, there is another option we've yet to consider. "Maybe he had doggy consent!" @burgs78 offered. "You don’t know what some floofs are into. #kinkydogs." LMAO! We mean, that could totally be true, but that doesn't make it any less embarrassing for Oakley's owner. She could just take a page from @cydneynolan's book: "my dog does this and the owners look at me in horror and i’m always like wow wonder who’s dog that is." You, ma'am, are a genius. 

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