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Video of Little Girl and Golden Retriever Sweetly Posing for a Photo Together Is Everything

You've got to admit that dogs are awfully photogenic. It makes total sense why most of any pet owner's camera roll is pup pics, but is there really such a thing as enough when it comes to dog photos? Not for little Emmy and her Golden Retriever bestie, Sully!

Emmy and Sully's mom, @mmcgroder, recently shared a sweet video of the pair trying to pose for a photo. Well, Emmy was trying to pose for a photo, but Sully needed some convincing. Just look how sweet the dog's behavior with the girl is, though! This will be a photo Mom will keep forever. It's adorable! 

Good boy, Sully! These besties are just so precious with their love for one another, even if the dog didn't want to get up. It's just like a kid being forced to take a family photo! It might be a pain, but it's oh-so-worth-it in the end. 

This dynamic duo's sweetness is already melting hearts, but commenters are especially falling for Emmy's enthusiasm for her friend. "Oh. My. God." began @polishpolabear. "She's so freaking precious I CANNOT stand it!!! 🥺🥰." Right? The little girl is already so gentle and loving--surely their relationship will only grow as she does! 

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Luckily for Emmy and Mom, this means plenty more photo opportunities and "lots of cuteness 🥰," to quote @e_albania3. It may not sound like news to Sully's ears, but having pictures of the two together will be more precious than any nap could ever be.

For now, though, the Golden Retriever will have to deal with getting some treats in exchange for his time.  It doesn't seem so bad with someone like Emmy around, though. "I love how she said thank you. and the pose and smile!" @robynfarnsygal pointed out. The old saying is true--a few manners go a long way!

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