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Golden Retriever Locks Dad Out of the Car and His Face Is Just Priceless

We're positively rolling over a video that's gone viral on TikTok — and it's a good reminder to never leave your pets alone. Sadly for the TikTok creator, he learned that lesson just a bit too late. We can't get over the look on his dog Teddy's when his dad realized the pup locked him out of their car. D'oh! 

According to a video reposted onto the @isabellacepedabh TikTok page, the incident happened recently. But instead of getting upset, the dog dad decided to make some hilarious lemonade out of lemons. "Well Teddy locked me out of my car and look..." the dog dad can be heard saying from off camera. "He's looking at me like, 'do I know you?'" he joked. And yep, that dog is ready to drive off with his brand new car.  His expression is too funny. Take a look at the video below!

Why do we have a sneaking suspicion that this was Teddy's plan all along? Sorry, Dad. We guess you're just going to have to walk home! 

People in the comments section were on Teddy's side. "Teddy's car now," @alecbaldwintactical joked. "Teddy is like stranger danger," @rubyk0725 teased. "Teddy's like I need some quiet time," @winterhope121 kidded. "I'm pretty sure you are looking at Teddy's car now," @katco4848 chimed in. 

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While other people worried that it was unsafe. "My dog did that too. Thank God I was home to grab the spare keys. I always keep my keys with me when I put them in the car," @kemelvin5 wrote. "Teddy gonna be in there for a few weeks," @thegunsofnaverone added. "My dog did that with it running..when on the phone with AAA to have someone show up he rolled down the window bet they play that over and over again.." @scargox3 shared. 

Thankfully, we think that Teddy was probably okay. But we're sure his dad is not going to forget that night anytime soon.

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