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Dog Is Devastated After Losing His Ball at the Park and Our Hearts Can’t Take It

As a parent, there’s really nothing much worse than seeing your child hurt, sick, or upset, to the point where you’ll do anything to take their pain away. And the same rings true for our animals, especially given how innocent and sweet they are! If you are a pet parent, a new TikTok video shared by @eltonthegoldenretriever just might break your heart. It certainly broke ours! 

The clip shows this precious Golden Retriever named Elton lying in his dad’s lap, and it’s clear that he’s very down in the dumps. As you’ll see when you watch the video, poor Elton lost his ball while playing in the park, and he didn’t realize it until they got home. Just wait until you see how pitiful and upset this precious baby is.

STOP! We seriously can’t take it, what with how he had his head buried under his paw like that! Good grief. Who needs sappy movies when you can just turn to TikTok for a good cry? Needless to say, this video is tugging at everyone’s heartstrings. People are volunteering left and right to help Elton find his lost ball. @ImtheZeus said, “We’re going back to the park to find it now. Which country?” Another TikTok user, @bellebon83 added, “Right guys, search party - meet y’all there in 5! Let’s find this puppy his ball!” We’re totally in! 

Then there’s @Vickie1311, who is all ready to go shopping for a replacement, saying, “Well…. Who’s on their way to the park or pet shop to get him a new one 😬?” @Megan chimed in with, “I can’t cope. Let’s buy him a ball factory.”

But as sad as we are for Elton, it sounds like this story just might have a happy outcome. In the comments, Elton’s owner said, “Dad found it 🐶 video coming soon.” Please excuse us while we refresh Elton’s TikTok channel in the hopes that the new clip is posted. We can’t wait.