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Golden Retriever's Precious Reaction to New Puppy Couldn't Be More Beautiful

Sibling relationships can be complicated to say the least, but nothing makes a parent smile more than seeing their babies getting along. It's the same for pet parents, too, which is why it's so heartwarming to see the way Teddy the Golden Retriever responded to meeting his new puppy sister, Winnie.

When Liz Lovery first posted the video to her TikTok account, she was never expecting over 5 million views. That's what two cute pups will do, though, and honeslty, no one's arguing. They're the sweetest siblings, and we already can't get enough. Just look how excited Teddy got to meet Winnie! It's the sweetest thing! 

OMG, how cute are they? We love Teddy's immediate excitement and how it only grew once he learned he was getting a little buddy. Ready for the best part?

"He’s such a great big brother already!!!!" the original poster added. "FUN FACT: Winnie is actually Teddy’s sisters pup! So he is her uncle and now big brother! 🥰."

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They're the perfect pair already--no wonder TikTok is obsessed! Ok, ok, we're obsessed too...How could we not be? Like @lague2122 commented, "They are so happy together 💓" that it's impossible not to smile! In fact, they're just so sweet together that some viewers feel tempted to bring their own Winnie home. 

"Me trying to tell myself that I don’t need to get my dog a dog," @sheenaraebeauty wrote,"and then this pops up on my for you." It's a sign! We'd be lying if we said we weren't imagining what it would be like to add a puppy to our own pack, too. 

For now, though, we'll have more than our daily dose of cuteness right here with Teddy and Winnie. "No cuz I’m sending you my medical bills for making my heart explode with this video 😩," @indigo.sands commented. LOL, that's so accurate, though! Just don't actually have a heart attack, please. 

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