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Golden Retriever's Instant Love for Newborn Baby Is Impossible to Resist

As some of the most universally loved dogs, Golden Retrievers are friendly, gentle, and oh-so-loyal. Just take it from @hdbrosriley, one precious Golden boy who's reliving some of the best moments from his first few weeks of big brotherhood. His video is the cutest thing we've seen all week, so we just had to share. 

You may have seen love before, but not like this. Riley the Golden Retriever just adores his little brother! 

OMG, our hearts are positively melted! Riley is just the sweetest boy, and his little brother seems to love him, too. This family couldn't get any cuter if they tried!

This is so adorable," wrote commenter @lauraclements7."He's such a great big brother." Isn't he? Not only is he gentle AF with such a tiny baby, but he seems so patient with him, too. Just like @valkidstv said, "That sweet baby has a best friend and protector for life! They will have many fun adventure-filled memories together!!!!" A kid and their dog--the best of friends.

Viewer @fionafinallyhastiktok made such a relevant and hilarious point that we can't let it go by unnoticed. "Thankfully this makes me want more dogs and not a child," she admitted. LMAO! We totally understand what you mean--it's. much easier to add a furry friend to the family than to have a child. Still, they're both pretty dang cute together. It's hard to resist! 

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