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Golden Retriever is Absolutely Flabbergasted After Man Does Crazy Magic Trick

Do you remember where you were the first time you saw someone do a magic trick? Maybe a loving uncle pulled a quarter out of your ear — or perhaps one of your friends at school pulled off a truly excellent card trick. Well prepare to go back to more innocent times via a video of a Golden Retriever having his mind completely blown by magic for the first time ever. 

Rio is a Search and Rescue Dog in training — but everyone once and while he still gets to cut loose. While taking a break from learning new tracking skills, the 1-year-old Golden was treated to something he's probably never seen before: magic. As video on the @thesillyyak shows, Rio and his buddy Naga were watching their owner when all of the sudden the human made a ball disappear! Rio was looking so intently as the man held up the ball before the trick, but his reaction when it vanished into thin air was absolutely perfect. 

The comments section was also taken by the dog's hilarious response. "Object permanence WHO???" @rudiofiesta joked. "Dad... Dad!! WHERE IS MY BALL?!?! DAD?!?!? I'M PANICKING!!!!!" @freckledcoco teased. "He’s never trusting dad with his ball," @chihuahua_house added. 

Not only were the pups absolutely spell-bound when the ball disappeared, but they both were astounded when their dad made the ball come back!

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"White dog was like yea yea for the whole trick til the end when he suddenly was questioning his life choices," @icypinklemonade wrote, speaking of Naga.

 Both dogs will most likely never forget where they were when they learned their owner was magic — or at least they'll remember it until their next meal. 

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