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Video of Golden Retriever Meeting Her New Puppy Brother Fills Us With Happiness

There are few things more precious than a dog meeting the new puppy their family just adopted. Many dogs are overjoyed to discover their parents brought home their very own playmate, and the two become fast friends. This is exactly how one pup reacted recently when meeting her new puppy brother!

TikTok user @raegan_max recently shared a video of their Golden Retriever, Raegan, getting the surprise of her life! In the video, Raegan is in the backyard when her mom enters holding a box with her new little brother, Max, inside. It seems like Raegan might have an idea what's in the box before she is able to look inside, but when her suspicions are confirm, she is thrilled. Check out the video to witness the first meeting between these siblings and marvel at Raegan's amazing reaction.

Aww, this is so sweet! Raegan was so excited to meet her new baby brother that she could barely contain herself. We love how this meeting caused a case of the zoomies in Raegan, who ran back and forth across the yard to get a ball for Max to play with. Adorable!

People in the comments loved Raegan's efforts to make Max feel welcome. @paddiemorgan57 said, "So excited her tail can’t wag fast enough! Then she offered her toy... melted my heart," and @leighjholland commented, "Omg! Pure joy and happiness! Even goes to get him a toy to share and play with!" This was aa fantastic way for Raegan to show Max some love and welcome him to the family! 

Others couldn't believe how well this first meeting went. @1217girly commented, "This was the sweetest meeting of two puppies I have ever seen! Can’t wait to see their journey together." Another user, @user3372870634960, said, "This is beyond beautiful! Warmed my heart! Thank you for sharing." Moments like these show us the true nature of dogs, and we are so lucky to witness their love and selflessness!

Raegan started bonding with Max immediately, and you can tell they will be chasing each other around that backyard in no time. Get ready to have your hands full, Mom!