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Video of Golden Retriever Becoming Besties With Dalmatian Puppy Gives Us All the Feels

Anytime a pet family wants to add another furry friend into the picture, concerns might creep up. Parents want to be sure their pet is comfortable and willing to let another animal into the house. There's certain techniques families can do to introduce the animals together properly. You can almost guarantee the older fur sibling will be jealous as the attention shifts to the new pet. But more often than not, there's a happy ending. 

Take for instance this clip from TikTok user @ashleylpsmith which has over 2.1 million views. The family already had a Golden Retriever, but they decided to bring home a new pup. They opened up a box to reveal the Dalmatian puppy and their Golden Retriever was so curious. Then that curiosity changed to hesitation and jealousy, which are all normal reactions! But eventually, these two doggos made it work and their relationship is putting us right in the feels. Get ready to fall in love! 

Aww! They truly did become best friends. All it took was a little time! And now they're inseparable. As @thatandrealife_ put it, "This is pure joy 💕💕." If this relationship is putting us in the feels, we can't imagine how sweet it is for this family. They got to watch these dogs become two peas in a pod!

And we really can't get over how much they do together! Nap time is together, walking side by side and even drinking from the same water bowl. Ugh, so cute! "The walking away together 😭," wrote @NicoleMastellone. That video looks like it came straight from a movie! "I'm not crying, you're crying 😭😭," said @reubenarno. Uhm...yes, it's true. We are definitely crying at this friendship. Plus, we can't wait to see how their love for each other continues to grow! 

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As cute as this video is, we can't ignore the box they used for the Dalmatian at the beginning of the clip. @shannanillinik said, "Didn't know Amazon delivered adorable puppies 😁." LOL! Neither did we but apparently Amazon is shipping anything out these days! (Don't worry, the pup wasn't actually from Amazon!)

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