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Golden Retriever Patiently Waits to Meet New Family Kitten in Precious Video

A Golden Retriever is getting praised online for having extreme patience when meeting a new member of the household. Possibly that's because the newest member was a kitten named Luna — and dogs and cats aren't exactly known for being BFFs. However the doggo, Sam, really wanted to make a good first impression and now people won't stop talking about it.

No matter how excited Sam might've been to meet his new sibling, he totally played it cool. As the video shows, the pup waited until Luna was ready to meet him — and we think his method paid off. "We got a new kitten and our dog Sam has been patiently trying to meet her," his owner, Jennifer Hullett (@jenniferhullett6) wrote in the video's text overlay. Eventually, Luna slowly creeps over to Sam. The poor thing was nervous! What happens when the two get close is so, so precious.

The meeting was such a success that over 430,000 people have watched Hullet's video. "What a sweet boy. They’re gonna be buddies for life,"@ginav23453 wrote. "He just wants to be friends with her," @trixiesmith293 added. "Hi bestie! I've been waiting for you!" @hilahmarca commented. 

And some commenters were tickled by Luna's apprehensive reaction. "Cat said 'wait a minute, something ain’t right,'" @stonaguy joked. "Why the cat back up like that ain't no damn cat," @daniari0009 quipped. "I love the hand under the collar, juuuuuust in case," @crazydaisy13 teased. 

Later in the thread, Hullet explained that she was mostly sure that Sam was going to be gentle, however "I’d rather be safe than sorry." 

It's not clear if Sam and Luna clicked just yet, but by the way this sweet guy acted we're sure they'll be friends in no time.