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Dog’s Precious Reaction to Meeting Her Newborn Baby Brother Is Giving People the Feels

One of the sweetest things we think that has come from TikTok is all the videos of pets meeting their new tiny human sibling. There have been tons of clips of parents introducing their new little baby to their original four-legged baby. And no matter how many variations we see of the meet, we can’t get enough! Each one is so adorable and unique in its own way. 

The latest one to capture our hearts is from TikTok user @mosol24 who shared a clip of her dog named Cali meeting her newest addition. The video has over 1.5 million views and 224.3K likes within the past 2 days. The dad was holding the infant in his lap when Cali the Golden Retriever came over to say hello. Cali took one sniff and a quick lick of her little brother and knew instantly that she had a new person to look after. Her reaction afterward and the look she gives dad is so heartwarming! 

Sooo sweet! Cali couldn’t stay still because she was so happy to finally meet the little human! It makes us believe that she must’ve known there was a baby coming. And then did you see Cali put her paw up on dad?! It’s as if she was saying, ‘Congrats! You did it!’ Ugh, we can’t handle the cuteness! 

“Pure. Instant. Unconditional love,” said @TheQueenofChandler. Cali is going to be the best big sister, you can just tell! @mumamia3 wrote, “Dog’s thoughts, ‘Omg you made a tiny YOU!’” Aww! Cali really couldn’t believe that the baby mom was carrying for so long was actually here and looked just like her parents. It’s like what @Frances Pomare said, “Dogs have a connection with newborn babies almost like they’re their own.” So true! It’s actually quite remarkable that they just know. 

Based on comments from the creator, Cali is adjusting well to the new baby. She wrote, “I always fear she will get jealous, but she’s been a good girl adjusting!” We have no doubt that Cali will guard her new human with her life!