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Video of Dog Grieving His Lost Brother After Spotting His Collar Has People in Tears

We have to warn you about this next video because you won't be able to hold back tears. Pets more often than not know when someone they love in the family or another pet sibling isn't feeling too well. They can just sense it and know when something is off. So when someone in the family passes, they're aware of it, and they can grieve, too. 

For one Golden Retriever, the heartbreak came after his doggie brother passed. We're assuming he gets sad daily because of the little memorial the family put up in the house. It's a beautiful tribute, but also so upsetting to watch TikTok user @beaunosebones not understanding it. In a recently shared clip, Beau is sniffing around because he smelled something familiar. You'll lose it when he makes the connection that the memorial is for his lost brother. 

Stop it. Our hearts hurt from watching this! And we know Beau is hurting so much. They must've been best friends! You could tell that he recognized his brother's scent on his collar. 

"I’m legitimately crying. Nothing on TikTok has hurt so much," commented @RealLucasHage. We're all crying here! It's sad that he doesn't understand his brother isn't coming back.😭 "Sorry for your loss! Give your dog an extra hug today," added @Veranda2476. Maybe a few thousand extra hugs from all of us who watched this clip. 

@Danielle Carbaught wrote, "This shows dogs have emotions." The creator responded by saying, "100% never doubted that for a second.💔." We never doubted that either! But it's just so hard watching them grieve like this. "My heart hurts, too, they have feelings💔," said @Roseylicous. We hope this memorial reminds Beau that his best friend will always be with him.